Garage and Utility Cabinets in Ontario, OR

Cabinets are first and foremost a place for storage, which makes them especially appropriate for garages, utility cabinets and other workspaces. Whether you’re housing materials, equipment, tools, cleaning products or something else, the right cabinet can eliminate clutter and keep you organized. Skeen Construction Co. wants to make sure your auxiliary cabinets are up to the task you require them for.

Garage Cabinets

For any garage—finished or unfinished—cabinets present the ideal way to maximize space and maintain organization. Instead of messy shelving racks or complicated hook systems, garage cabinets in Ontario, OR are simple, effective and ideal. We take pride in designing cabinets that house all of your items, while helping to raise the appeal of your garage space. Whether your garage is a functional space or more of a storage area, cabinets are a smart addition.

Utility Cabinets

From your laundry room to the supply closet at work, utility cabinets in Ontario, OR play an important role in keeping you organized. Skeen Construction Co. designs takes pride in working with customers to understand their needs, so we can produce beautiful, accommodating cabinets for any space. We work with residential and commercial customers, producing truly one-of-a-kind utility cabinets.

fireplaceEntertainment Cabinets

Looking for a way to house all of your media and entertainment devices? Entertainment cabinets are one of our core focuses! We can construct a beautiful cabinet that’s tailor-made to hold your various media items, from Blu-rays to gaming systems, controllers to speakers and beyond.

For more information about our ability to create custom, quality cabinets to fit your garage, office space or other application, please contact our talented craftsmen today at 541-889-6588. We’ll be happy to consult with you at length about your cabinet needs, to ensure we’re meeting them to the fullest.

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